The Music of Hans Zimmer & Others

From Thu 26.12.2024

'The Music of Hans Zimmer & Others' is the ultimate tribute to the world-renowned composer. Be enchanted by the epic music of 'Dune', 'James Bond', 'Gladiator' and more.

'The Music of Hans Zimmer & Others', presented by a pirate from 'Pirates of the Caribbean'!

Experience the unique and best film scores from 'Dune', 'James Bond', 'Pirates of the Carribean', 'The Lion King', 'Gladiator', 'The Dark Knight', 'Inception', 'Interstellar' and many other top productions - in a fascinating concert featuring a film orchestra, choir, guest soloists, a special guest from the films, and selected film clips.

Immerse yourself in the musical universe of Hans Zimmer!

From Thu 26.12.2024Timing to follow


At the box office, you pay an extra 2 euros service charge.
OrganizerStar Entertainment

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