Associations or groups of at least 20 people can often enjoy nice discounts for shows in be•at venues (Sportpaleis Antwerpen, Lotto Arena, Trixxo Arena, Forest National, Stadsschouwburg Antwerpen, Capitole Gent and Trixxo Theater Hasselt).


Groups of 20 or more people

Do you have questions about groups of at least 20 people? Contact us via the contact form.

Groups of fewer than 20 people

Groups of 10 to 20 people can order tickets via the Customer Experience Center.

Groups of fewer than 10 people can order tickets online, via the ticket link on the event page.

Five reasons to book as a group

  1. You take out an option for the best seats available at that moment
    Some shows sell out very quickly. By taking out an option for your group, you are assured the best available seats.
    Please note! For some events, it is not possible to take out an option.

  2. You only pay for the tickets that you need in the end
    Taking an option gives you enough time to promote the show amongst the members of your association or group. When finalizing your reserved option, you only pay for the tickets you actually need.

  3. You often enjoy nice group discounts
    This advantage changes per show. Some shows offer a group discount for a minimum of 20 people; others require a minimum of 50 people.
    Please note! For some events, no group discount is available.

  4. You sit together in the venue
    By booking as a group, you ensure your group is not spread around the venue, as long as availability allows.

  5. You have a single point of contact
    A dedicated contact person follows up on your booking and provides a personalized service for your group. Easy peasy!

Downloading your tickets

Have you ordered tickets as a group? Please bear in mind you will no longer receive your tickets via e-mail. Your group tickets will be available for download in your Ticketmaster account, as is the case when ordering individual tickets.
Click here for more information.

Private bus transportation and organized bus transportation

Are you traveling to the venue in your own bus or coach?
Or are you organizing bus transportation to one of our venues?

Then you need to register your bus transportation in advance.

After registration, you will receive a parking pass that entitles you to a free parking space for your bus.

Please note! If you did not register your bus transportation in advance, you are not entitled to one of the reserved parking spaces.

Requesting an invoice

Do you want to receive an invoice for your group order? This is possible, provided that the payment has already been made. You can request an invoice directly via the Ticketmaster website.

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