Şivan Perwer

Sun 02.06.2024

Kurdish legend Şivan Perwer celebrates 5 decades! Don't miss this exclusive performance. Experience the power of his voice and music.

Welcome to a unique and unforgettable tribute to Kurdish singing legend Şivan Perwer's five decades on stage! Born on December 23, 1955 in Siverek, Turkey, Şivan Perwer is a brilliant Kurdish poet, songwriter and performer who has not only left his mark on music history but also touched souls all over the world.

This exclusive performance is a celebration of Şivan Perwer's passion, culture and his deep rootedness in the Kurdish heritage. With his masterful command of the lute-like instrument tembûr and over twenty-five magnificent albums in his career, he invites you to celebrate and experience a musical journey that goes beyond mere notes. Join us in celebrating a singer whose every word is a bridge to feelings and experiences.

Over the years, Şivan Perwer has not only left his mark on the music world, but also inspired and moved people across borders. This unique performance is not only a tribute to a legendary artist but also an opportunity for you to be a part of art history. Experience the power of the voice of music, the beat of the wings of culture and a journey through an emotionally charged story.

Sun 02.06.2024Timing to follow


At the box office, you pay an extra 2 euros service charge.
OrganizerDKDR Productions Management

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