girl in red

Thu 05.09.2024

girl in red is coming to Forest National! Sing along to hits like ‘Summer Depression’, ‘Serotonin’ and ‘4th of July’ and experience the magic of her melancholic lyrics and catchy melodies live.

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Things can change quickly. One moment you're playing guitar in your bedroom and suddenly you're a queer icon and you get to tour with Taylor Swift. That's what happened to Norwegian Marie Ulven Ringheim, aka girl in red. In no time, she conquered the world with her relatable bedroom pop. She is currently working hard on her second album, which she will be presenting at Forest National.

Thu 05.09.2024
  • Opening venue doors18:30
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OrganizerLive Nation


Thu 05.09.2024 18:30

Forest National
  • Opening venue doors18:30

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