Cem Yilmaz


Fri 06.12.2024

Turkish comedian Cem Yilmaz took a break for the past 3 years. Time he has used to gather inspiration for his new (Turkish) show, because the stage is calling again!

This show is in Turkish. The minimum age is 12 years.

The wait is coming to an end. Get ready for laughing!

After a long pause, comedian Cem Yılmaz is back on stage with his brand-new show 'CMXXIV'!

The famous comedian is preparing to meet his fans in many European countries. As part of his European tour, he will perform in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, England, Denmark, Sweden and Austria.

Fri 06.12.2024
  • Cem Yilmaz20:30
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At the box office, you pay an extra 2 euros service charge.
OrganizerSahmeran Entertainment


Fri 06.12.2024 20:30

Trixxo Theater
  • Cem Yilmaz20:30

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